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Philosophy of Marksmanship - Paul Peng

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Paul Peng Concealed Carry Magazine
CCW Magazine Paul Peng
Paul Peng
Paul Peng
Winter 2022 US Veterans MAgazine

Concealed Carry Magazine July 2023
Featuring Paul Peng of Sentri Institute

Concealed Carry Magazine May/June 2023
Featuring Paul Peng of Sentri Institute on Page 98

US Veterans Magazine
Summer 2023

US Veterans Magazine
Fall 2022

San Diego Voyager

US Veterans Magazine
Winter 2022


BSIS Firearms Instructor:

Firearms Instructor License: TIF2581
Baton Instructor License: TIB1996

BSIS Training Facilities:

Firearms Facility License: TFF1642 Baton Facility License: TFB1389

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Weapons training is about more than precision and accuracy. We prioritize the safe and proficient use of firearms while teaching functional mechanics and decision making. Together, these foundational skills build critical knowledge and tactical judgement to enable the highest levels of safety.

We provide firearms training and consultation services to Military, Law Enforcement, government agencies and commercial organizations. Select courses are also offered to qualified civilians who wish to learn firearm safety, tactics, marksmanship and self-defense.

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Learn the fundamentals of firearms handling and essential legal knowledge; with a STRONG focus on safety for everyone.

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Specialty Courses include Concealed Carry & (CCW) and Firearm Safety Certificates.

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Paul Peng Sentri Institute

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