We appreciate your interest in safety and security.

We at Sentri focus strongly on safety and satisfaction of our clients.  We also appreciate your feedback for each and every course as there is always room for improvement.  Below you will see some of the most common questions we get.  

Do I need to take a prerequisite course in order to qualify for CCW training?

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No. However, it is highly encouraged because the course involves advanced movements and techniques as well as requiring the students to have a basic understanding of firearms.

What do I do now that I have my Guard Card certificate?

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You have to complete a live scan and submit both to BSIS. The quickest way is to complete the application and submission through the BREEZE website. You will have to create a profile Breeze website link: Click Here

Where are the classroom portions of the course held?

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For the most part these classes are held in person following CDC guidelines of mask wearing and social distancing.

Do you help / assist in filling out the applications for CCW or BSI Security Permits

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We can help you somewhat, but take no responsibility if you are denied. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Could I become a security guard after the initial 8 hour course?

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Yes you can. However,the 32 hour portion has to be completed within 6 months per state law.

Can I have my child learn firearms with me?

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The short answer is Yes . However, there are extra requirements. First, your child has to be 12 and older. Second, additional information has to be filled out on the waiver prior to the start of the course. Lastly, a legal guardian has to be present with the minor throughout the entirety of the course, no exceptions.

Is it true that Los Angeles County is actually giving out CCWs?

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YES, they are!! You can start your application by clicking here: https://lasd.org/ccw/

Does getting a BSI Certification guarantee you will find related employment?

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