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Sentri Institute

Steps to Safe Firearm Ownership

Sentri Institute’s core businesses revolves around firearms, security and supplemental defensive certifications.  We were founded under three core beliefs.  First, to provide effective defensive firearms training to anyone willing to learn. Second, to educate the public on proper firearms etiquette and tackle the negative stereotypes in an effort to bring communities together. Lastly, to reinforce the safety of our communities with the implementation of modern surveillance technologies provided by certified security specialist and trained boots on the ground.

As certified security professionals, we know the value of safety and security


Training Course

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What We Do


Firearm Courses

Our qualified instructors will teach you basic essentials needed. Advanced courses for our experienced students.



Security Courses

Learn the fundamentals of firearms handling and essential legal knowledge; with a STRONG focus on safety for everyone.


Specialty Courses

Specialty Courses include Concealed Carry & (CCW)
Firearm Safety Certificates.


Virtual Courses

 Our Virtual courses cover new owners, CA laws and improving skills.


Head Office

12534 Valley View Street
Suite #182
Garden Grove, CA 92845

Training Facility

FT3 Tactical
8230 Electric Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680

Call Us

(949) 591-9747